Sticker placement with B.N

Billys rules of sticker placement.
Post modern collective style stickers on one side of the stringer are de rigueur.
Clean wax makes people take you seriously.
Glass ons in white, minimal tech baby.
Lurid colour wetsuit to make you stand out.
Eyes on the ground or waves. Far off stare. Acknowledge no-one.

With all of the above, and maybe some arty doodles on your sled, you will be guaranteed to be throwing tail on every turn and slaying girls with bowl cuts all over the world. Throw tail, die young.

Note trendy antlers in background.

Asymmetric placement shows your off kilter trend setting approach to life.

You wont rip with a waxjob like this.

Do you think Billy sounds like a dream? he loves surfing, cuddles, walks on the beach and sunsets. And playing Jack Johnson on his guitar. Get in touch laydeez.